Eugenia brings a touch of magic to every production. With her natural look, like a fairy, she has captivated with her prestigious clients with her ethereal presence, showcasing her versatility and talent in the industry.
Some of her notable clients include ISDIN, where she lent her hands and body to a strong campaign, Naulover as a pattern and showroom model, and the Showroom Company representing brands like Fabiana Filippi, Malìparmi, and Moschino. Additionally, Eugenia has been the image model for UNIQLO and a showroom model for Isabel Sanchis in Barcelona and Paris.
Outside of modeling, Eugenia enjoys indulging in her favorite comfort food, pasta, and staying hydrated with water. Her wishlist reflects her positive outlook on life, focusing on good vibes and energy to navigate challenges. A dream of hers is to escape to a serene island, savoring healthy food and engaging in adventurous experiences. Eugenia's passion for modeling and zest for life, infused with her elvish aura, radiate through all that she does.

Height: 175cm
Chest: 83cm
Waist: 64cm
Hips: 91cm

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Base: Barcelona​​​​​​​
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