Mia King has worked with top clients in the fashion industry including New Balance, Dior, Calvin Klein, and Vogue. Alongside her professional achievements, Mia brings a personal touch to her work with a diverse range of interests. She also worked on set in L.A. and Europe for movie- and commercialproductions. 
Driven by a sense of adventure, Mia's bucket list includes mastering Spanish to a B1 level, exploring the beauty, fashion, and culture of Japan, learning the art of spinning a basketball on her finger, and conquering the challenge of climbing Mount Fiji.
Outside of her makeup artistry, Mia finds joy in cooking for loved ones, showcasing her creativity through homemade pestos, sauces, and fermented veggies. She also embraces thrilling activities like skydiving and zip-lining, indulges in peaceful hikes, and savors picturesque picnics in scenic locations like cliffs, hilltops, and beaches.
Mia's kit reflects her impeccable taste for quality products, featuring essentials like the Dior backstage highlighter palette, Laneige lip glowy balm in grapefruit, and Nø Cosmetics Rain Today face cream. With a blend of professionalism and personal passions, Mia King continues to leave her mark in the world of beauty and beyond.

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