Luciana, an art director and prop stylist, resides in Barcelona. Born in Buenos Aires, she moved to Spain seven years ago and fell in love with Barcelona. She bridges words and images, blending storytelling with visual artistry. With over a decade in the audiovisual world, she has made her mark in multiple cities.
Luciana has worked with prestigious clients like Landia, Primo Audiovisual, Dragons, Apple, Coca Cola, and Amazon. Her dossiers have won campaigns with texts that excite and images that create experiences. She turns complexity into simplicity and concepts into emotions. Her expertise includes textures, effects, and interior design.
Luciana is passionate about poetry and the sea. She is known for her comfortable style and loves milanesas. She never goes without her mate. Her bucket list includes a trip to Japan, writing her first novel, and having a home with an orchard.
In her free time, she enjoys traveling, beach days, and indulging in tapas. Luciana’s life and work celebrate beauty and creativity in every corner.
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