Vera is a conceptual stylist and creative director born in the Netherlands, with Albanian heritage, now based in Berlin for the past four years. Passionate about the fashion industry and creative jobs, they thrive on expanding their creativity and knowledge through makeup, performance, art, design editorials, and fashion shows, which give them enormous energy. Their work has been featured in top editorial publications like Kaltblut, Sleek, OE, Purplehaze Mag, and Glamcult, and they have styled for shows by brands such as Maximilian Gedra and William Fan. Verayoice has also done personal styling for music performances by Kya Kyani and Panter Noise and served as the head stylist and creative director for the fashion label Elie Manuel.
Vera’s biggest wish for the future is to become an all-around artist, exploring art direction, styling, makeup, hair, performance art, and artistic research, all through their own label. What sets them apart from other stylists is their familiarity with haute couture practices from their studies at Atelier Chardon Savard, along with their experience in working with haute couture garments and avant-garde wear. Their sewing skills give them a deep understanding of garment construction, fabric quality, and overall durability and value of garments.
They consider themselves a conceptual stylist and art director, with their work rooted in theoretical research and expressed through avant-garde and futurism, combined with high-end expressionism. Their style is a fusion of organic and tech elements, making their creative expression unique. As an all-around stylist, they excel in makeup, hair, creative direction, design, editorial, commercial, personal styling, and fashion shows, drawing inspiration from worldly concepts and futuristic theories.
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